Another unordered list with some written and copied descriptions.

  • Rotato – 14’ish bucks, good 3D mockups for mostly Apple devices.
  • Specatcle – Window management with shortcuts.
  • Flux and or Lunar – As a UX researcher I’m not often in a color critical flow, these tools make the monitor easier on the eyes.
  • DNDMe – Enable Do Not Disturb on for a specified amount of time.
  • Alfred – Powerful spotlight replacement.
  • Trip Mode – When you are on the go and have a limited connection, trip mode helps you monitor and block unnecessary connections.
  • Hidden Bar – Make the menu bar cleaner of all the running apps.
  • Bose PinPoint – Algorithm Based noise reduction on input and output. Free for eligible Bose Customers.
    • Krisp – Algorithm Based noise reduction on input and output
  • TinyPNG4Mac – Thin client for TinyPNG – need an api key to use.

Categories: tools

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